(Please read before fishing)
Bailiffs have the right to refuse fishing and revoke tickets if rules are not met they will also carry out rig checks.

1. Night fishing is members only and 16 plus
2. Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult
3. No fish may be removed all fish must be returned
4. Day tickets only allowed on the bank 7am till 8pm in the summer 8am till 4pm in the winter £15 on the bank 50% discount for under 16's and over 60s
5. Two rods only and must have an EA Rod License
6. All types of boats, fixed lead and all braided mainline and all leaders are banned
7. No keep nets/sacks for carp, retainers  up to 20mins
8. Barbless or micro barb hooks only. Bent hooks/ long curve hooks are banned
9. Carp anglers must use min 15lb mainline with no leaders or braided mainline.
10. Rods are not to be left unattended at any time
11. A large mat with min 50mm padding or sides for carp
12. A large net min 42inch must be used for Carp
13. Carp care must be carried we recommend Propolis
14. Anyone ledgering or feeder fishing will be considered to be carp fishing
15. No open fires. disturbing of wildlife, other anglers, park users or damage to bank side
16. Take all litter home including dog and human waste, night fishing anglers are required to take toilet facilities
17. Excessive drinking of alcohol will not be tolerated
18. Mass baiting of nuts is banned
19. Never pull for a line break
20. Dead baiting and spinning are banned
21. Close season 1st April until the fish spawn


MEMBERSHIP (Currently Full)

At the moment we have a very small turn over of members. The current waiting list system does no longer work with this small turnover.
With too many people sending in applications every year,  for only a hanful of spaces, this list will now be suspended.

Any membership places that may become available will now be filled from us meeting people, through them using the fishery.
We believe this is the fairest way to maintain membership numbers.

Please note this choice is at the fisheries discretion.
Richard Bennewith
Fisheries manager